"Born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Francine Hofstee graduated from the Film and Television Academy in 2008. Soon after she moved to New York where she is currently living and working as a photographer, receiving gigs from magazines such as Nylon and Tokion. Francine shoots analog, which has resulted in an enviable collection of photographs. Her love for the craft of photography, the feeling of 35 mm film sliding through her fingers and the joy of seeing the end product after hours and hours spent in the dark room will stay with her for a while. She is mostly inspired by the people surrounding her and their personal tribulations. They result in beautiful images that take you with her on a poetically documented voyage of discovery. Francine is spontaneous, driven, has lust for life, and has a great eye for the humanity of the life we all try to live everyday. Thankfully for us international magazines have already started making use of these beautiful images."

Blend magazine